ADA Advisory Committee

           Meeting Minutes

    July 6, 2000

        5:15 p.m., SAIL

I. Roll Call

Members Present:  Ken Dean, Pamela Mueller-Guy, Earl Clark, Robert Gregovich, Cheryl Hull, Rita Bowen, Matt Kemp

Members Absent:  Beau Kelly, Lolus Westbrooks

Staff Present:  None

Others Present:  None

The meeting was called to order at 5:15 p.m. at the new office of SAIL by Hull, Chair.  A quorum was present.

II.  Public Participation on Non-agenda Items:   None

III.  Approval of Agenda:   Approved unanimously.

IV. Approval of Minutes - June 1, 2000: Approved unanimously.

V.  New Business

A.  SAIL Move - New Meeting Location - 3225 Hospital Drive

The telephone will be in service on July 14, 2000.  An overview of the building was given and its location to other medical and care-a-van services was noted.  Six dedicated parking spaces for SAIL.  No problems with hosting the ADA Advisory Committee meetings at the new location were noted.

VI.  Old Business

A.  Subcommittee Reports

1.  Education Committee - the Subcommittee will work with Sara Boesser and the School District to help complete a transition plan.  The contact name is Marysia Ochej.  A meeting will take place in mid-July compiling a transition plan for removing barriers that inhibit ADA “Program Access” in school facilities.  Schools need to carry through on the five steps to ADA compliance:

  1. Designate a responsible employee.
  2. Provide notice of ADA requirements.
  3. Establish a grievance procedure.
  4. Conduct a self-evaluation.

5.   Produce and execute a transition plan.

The Education Committee is also working on radio interviews and a spot on Capital Chat in August or September for discussion of the ADA and related issues.

2. TTY Phones - Phones are now located at the downtown library parking garage with 24 hour access.  The committee is now trying to get the ferry terminal to install them.  Mueller-Guy is also working on the banks and hotels.

3. Dinner Meeting - Discussion of the recognition and appreciation ceremony.  The committee feels that it should be city staff employees.  They are due the recognition for laying the foundation for the ADA committee.  The people nominated are:

Sara Boesser - Building code review and adoption,

Donna Pierce - ADA committee /resources,

Kim Kiefer - Outdoor trail - Mendenhall River,

John Kern - Ada minutes, transportation issues, care-a-van.

Discussion of these people followed.

VII.      Chair Report