ADA Advisory Committee

Meeting Minutes

September 15, 1998, Monday

5:00 p.m., Juneau Library

I. Roll Call

Members Present: Ken Dean, Earl Clark, Linda Stevenson-Millard, Linda Newman, Carmen Katasse, Cheryl Hull, Rita Bowen

Members Absent: Cora Miller, Ruth Schmitz

Staff Present: John Kern, Capital Transit

Others Present: None

The meeting was called to order at 5:15 p.m. by Mr. Clark, Chairman. A quorum was present.

II. Public Participation on Non-Agenda Items: None

III. Approval of Agenda - Approved unanimously.

IV. Approval of Minutes - May 4, 1998: Add Linda Stevenson-Millard as member present. Approved as amended unanimously. June 1, 1998: No quorum present; information meeting only.

V. New Business

A. New Members: Ruth Schmitz was appointed to the Committee but declined the position. There remains one vacancy. This position must be filled by a person with a disability or a person with a family member with a disability. The question was asked whether a person on the Committee could change their status to disabled. Clark indicated he would look into it. The Chair introduced Rita Bowen, new member. Bowen explained her background and interest in the Committee’s work. Bowen works with disabled students at UAS and is a board member for REACH. The present members and staff introduced themselves.

VI. Old Business

A. Cabs and Accessibility: Dean has been reviewing the issue of cabs and accessibility. He began by stating that no cab companies have accessible vehicles that they have been known to refuse service to persons in wheelchairs and that they charge extra for persons in wheelchairs.

Kern discussed his work on the Commercial Passenger Vehicle Transportation committee and the purpose of the CPVT. There are no requirements for accessible transportation in the present city ordinance. The "For Hire" committee is currently drafting a new ordinance that will enable an administrator to establish new regulations. Discussion followed concerning Dean’s work on this issue. Kern explained that the new ordinance will enable an administrator to prepare and implement regulations for commercial passenger vehicles. The Committee requested a copy of the draft ordinance.

Dean then moved to a discussion of the new high school at Dimond Park and his concerns about the accessible parking. He did not think it was well designed. Hull agreed to attend an upcoming public meeting on the school and ask about the parking. She will report back to the Committee.

B. Accessible Fishing Pier: The accessible dock at Twin Lakes has been awarded. Work should be completed in October. The Committee recommends that the ceremony for dedication be held in the spring. The Committee would like to help name the dock. A recommendation is made that the dock be named after Jerry Schaak for his work on this project. Clark indicated that he would work on this.

C. Training: Clark met with CBJ personnel to facilitate ideas on training new employees. Personnel was to get back to Clark and have not done so yet. He will contact them for a status update.

VII. Chair Report

A. TDD: Clark has had discussions with GCI concerning the installation of a text telephone. Pam Mueller-Guy is present to discuss the need for a text telephone. She indicates a phone needs to be located where it is available at all hours in the downtown. GCI is willing to install a text telephone but indicates that it must be in a closed space. The committee discussed possible locations. GCI will install a text phone in a City facility. Which facility is the problem. Clark will contact some other communities to find out where their text phones are installed.

B. Community Education: An Accessibility Checklist and letter that will come from the City to every business have been developed. Clark requested the Committee review the checklist and letter, and bring suggestions to the next meeting. Donna Pierce has copies and will also be making suggestions.

C. New Projects: Members are encouraged to chair subcommittees and to bring new business items to the Committee for consideration and possible action.

Dean shared with the committee information concerning closed captioning. Small stations are exempt from closed captioning for programs which they originate. His interest is in closed captioning for the Alaska News on KJUD.

VIII. Agenda Items for Next Meeting - V. New Business; A. Dimond Park. VI. Old Business; A.)Community Education, B.)Text Phones, C.) Taxi Accessibility, D.) Fishing Pier.

IX. Adjournment: There being no further business the meeting adjourned.