ADA Advisory Committee

           Meeting Minutes

April 5,  2001

        5:30 p.m., Mendenhall Valley Library

I.          Roll Call

Members Present:    Matt Kemp, Cheryl Hull, Pamela Mueller-Guy, Rita Bowen, Ken Dean, Beau Kelly, Lolus Westbrooks

Members Absent:     Earl Clark

Staff Present:            John Kern, Transit Manager

Janet Olmstead, Interpreter

Others Present:         Rob Stokes

The meeting was called to order at 5:35 p.m. at the Mendenhall Valley Library by Hull, Chair.  A quorum was present. 

II        Public Participation on Non-agenda Items:   None

III.      Approval of Agenda:            Add to New Business, Item A. Third and Seward.  Add to Old Business, Item B. Accessible Taxis.

IV.      Approval of Minutes - March 1, 2001 approved unanimously.

V.       New Business

A.       Third and Seward:  Dean reports Third and Seward is location of Key Bank.  The curb there is 11" high.  The City has indicated intent to correct this.  The project has been moved to 2003 when the Seward Street Project will be conducted.

Muller-Guy arrives.

VI.       Old Business

A.         Subcommittee Reports

1. Recognition Meeting - Committee will be on the agenda first thing April 16.

2. Education Committee - Hull updates members on follow-up of  the School District Transition Plan

3. TTY Phones - Mueller-Guy updates the Committee on work with the malls.  The  Nugget Mall indicates it will install one. Contact has also been made with other shopping centers.

B.  Accessible Cabs: Dean reports on contact with John Corso of the CBJ Law Department and Steve Gold of ADAPT.  He discusses actions taken in Philadelphia to move cab operators to provide accessible service.

VII.   Chair Report - None

VIII.  Agenda Items for Next Meeting

Old Business

Accessible Taxis

Education Committee - Capital Chat

TTY Phones in Theaters and Hotels

IX.            Adjournment - This regular meeting was adjourned at 6:35 p.m.  The next meeting will be May 3, 2001.