ADA Transition Plan

Public Hearing

5:00 pm - Hammond Room

February 23, 1998

Call to Order: Cora Miller, Chair, called the meeting to order at 5:15 p.m.

Ms. Miller welcomed everyone to the hearing, explained the purpose of the transition plan and this evening’s meeting. She specificly thanked Sara Boesser for her work on the plan, and Kim Keifer for her work with the ADA Committee.

ADA Committee

Attendees: Ken Dean, Wadell Snyder, Linda Stevenson-Millard, Linda Newman

Absent: Earl Clark, Corrine Conlon, Cheryl Hull, Carmen Katasse

Members of the

Public: Myrtle Snyder

CBJ Staff Present: John Kern, Kim Keifer, Sara Boesser

Public Comment: Myrtle Snyder requested handouts/ how-to’s concerning restroom adaptations be included in the plan.

Parking Space

Signage: Sara Boesser offers information regarding the signing of parking spaces for persons with disabilities. There is an informal signing standard for these spaces that needs to be met so the Juneau Police Department will enforce the proper use of these spaces. These standards are for public and private property. A handout provided by Ernie Mueller, Public Works Director, will be included in the final plan.

Plan Requests: John Kern discusses the distribution of the plans. Capital Transit did not receive any requests for copies. However, Mr. Kern did send one to Bill Ellis, Streets Division.

Informal discussion followed regarding a variety of accessibility issues in the community.

Adjournment: Ms. Miller adjourned the meeting at 5:45 p.m.

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