ADA Transition Plan

Public Hearing

6:30 PM - Valley Library

February 26, 1998

Call to Order: Ken Dean, Chair, called the meeting to order at 6:40 p.m.

ADA Committee

Attendees: Ken Dean

Members of the

Public: Bob Briggs

CBJ Staff Present: John Kern, Kim Keifer, Dave Miller, Sara Boesser

Transition John Kern read the description of the transition plan as provided

Plan: in the insert to the booklet.

Transition Plan Sara Boesser explained to those present that the booklet contains

Contents: a list of the physical and program barriers in CBJ facilities and programs. The list is presented in tables one and two, prioritized, and assigned a proposal date to accomplish each barrier’s removal. Also included is a handbook on "How-to’s for Minimal Cost ADA Improvements".

Public Comment: Bob Briggs

Mr. Briggs asked some background questions. Were there transition plans done as required in Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973? Except for Capital Transit, none was known to exist. Mr. Briggs informed those present that plans should have been completed by July of 92; and, structure improvements should have been done by January 95. He feels that the City has left themselves open to the possibility of lawsuits.

Mr. Briggs suggested that a self evaluation be done on policy and procedures, that the City should consider training its personnel on how to deal with the mentally ill, and that a map be included in the transition plan that shows the places under consideration. Mr. Briggs commented that he felt the scope of the transition plan was too limited, i.e., it does not include the hospital or school district.

Airport: Dave Miller, Airport Manager, made the following comments on items in the transition plan.

Table 1

7a: A new curbside space is provided, it is designated by blue paint. Additional improvements will be made when the weather improves.

7b: An RFP is out that requires four reader boards and an option for a fifth. The RFP has been in Purchasing for over a year. There are only two companies who do this type of work.

7c: If the airport staff lighten tension on the door the FAA objects. An Ak Airlines employee, as well as, airport staff will assist opening the doors. Until the design of the door area is changed a power door opener will not be installed due to security.

Table 2

1b: Most of these curbcuts are completed. He hasn’t checked all the sites personally. The status of this item can be updated. There are concerns regarding drainage.


Adjournment: Mr. Dean adjourned the meeting at 7:45 p.m.

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