Meeting Minutes

July 28, 1997

5:00 p.m., Rm. 211, City Hall

I. Roll Call

Members Present: Ken Dean, Earl Clark, Cora Miller, Corine Hagmeier, Linda Newman, Wadell Snyder
Staff Present: Alicia Gorska, Assistant City Architect; Sara Boesser, Building Department; Therese Ambrosi Smith, Parks and Recreation Director
Others Present: JoAnn Lott of Jensen, Yorba, Lott Architectural Firm

II. Approval of Agenda

Mr. Clark suggested moving hospital to the front of the old business list and to move the accessibility and sunset clause to old business.
Mr. Dean moved approval of the agenda with the indicated changes. Mr. Snyder seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously approved unanimously.

III. Approval of Minutes

The minutes were approved unanimously.

IV. New Business

There was no new business.

V. Old Business

A. Area Review of Hospital Plan

The committee was glad to see that accessibility issues are being discussed. Ms. Gorska and Ms. Lott reviewed the plans as part of the "process". Mr. Dean asked about the height of the toilets. Ms. Lott stated the toilets were speced at 17-19".

  • Ms. Miller requested an accessible phone. Ms. Lott stated that was a reasonable request and she will work it in.
  • Ms. Boesser requested the signage be placed so that it is not on the door but beside it.
  • Ms. Miller stated that the committee is trying to be proactive and plan ahead for accessibility.
  • Mr. Clark thanked Ms. Lott and Ms. Gorska for attending the meeting.
  • B. Transition Plan

    Ms. Boesser stated that physical barrier were prioritized in two documents. The first part is physical barriers removal list and time frame. The second is for remodeling CBJ facilities with ADA in mind.

    C. Building Code Update

    There was discussion of ADA fair housing laws with respect to item 3.8. The committee approved the language of that as written.

    Committee discussed the exception as written for home occupations: in response to Ms. Boesser’s questions, the committee suggested that home occupations that invite the public, whether or not public funding is received, should be made accessible. The committee indicated that it was not interested in how it was funded, but rather was interested in seeing facilities made accessible. The committee reiterated that if the public is served, the facility should be accessible. Bed and breakfasts five rooms or less would be exempt from the ADA; after five rooms, one room should be made accessible. Home beauty shops must be made accessible.

    The committee addressed the question on page four about home care occupancies with less than five children. It is the committee’s desire that in home daycare of five kids or less be exempt as this is not regulated by the CBJ.

    There was discussion about accessibility at the harbors. The committee directed that Kim Kiefer should invite Joe Graham to address accessibility issues with respect to harbors. Ms. Boesser has a video that could be shown of an accessible ramp system.

    For the next meeting Ms. Boesser will also review the language in chapter three of the UBC, division four, regarding requirements for group residential occupancies.

    VI. Adjournment