ADA/ACT Committee

Monday, June 23, 1997

Valley Library Conference Room

The meeting was called to order by Chair Clark at 5:00 pm.

I. Roll Call

Members Present: Corinne Conlon, Linda Newman, Earl Clark, Ken Dean, Cora Miller

Members Excused: Wadell Snyder, Carmen Katasse

II. Public Participation on Non-Agenda Items


III. Approval of Agenda

MOTION: Newman

Move to approve the agenda with the addition of Twin Lakes and Curb Cuts both under Old Business.


ACTION: All in Favor

IV. Approval of Minutes for May 19, 1997


Approve the April 28, 1997 minutes as revised. Page two and last page change Griggs to Briggs.

SECOND: Miller

ACTION: All in Favor

V. New Business

A. ADA Training curriculum for CBJ Employees

Clark meet with Donna Pierce to discuss the role of the committee and one of the items she suggested was for the ADA Committee to develop a curriculum for staff training and an implement schedule. The committee discussed different options for the training, would it be contracted out or would committee members do the training, does the committee just form the outline for training or do they actually provide an outline for each session?

Clark appointed Newman, Miller and Dean to the subcommittee and requested that they return to the Committee with recommendations and answers to the above mentioned questions at the August meeting.

B. Meeting with the Committees on Committees

Clark said that he will be talking to the Chair of the Committee on Committees to discuss the ADA Committees focus. If a presentation is requested to the full Committee on Committee Clark will notify the ADA members.

C. Parking Code Letter- Clark

Clark provided a draft copy of a letter addressed to the Assembly. Kiefer suggested that the letter be forwarded to the CBJ Parking Committee for their review. Kiefer will forward the CBJ contact to Clark.

VI. Old Business

A. Leasing Policy- Snyder/Dean

Steve Gilbertson attended the meeting and said he supports the ADA Leasing Policy for new buildings. He said that there is a need for some CBJ offices to be in close proximity to City Hall and so having this leasing policy for currently leased facilities would not be effective management. He said the CBJ has made reasonable accommodations for people that need access to staff in the Muncipal Way building by providing meeting space in City Hall.

The buildings leased by the CBJ are the Muncipal Way, Marine View and the Police station. A new police station will be built that will be accessible and the Marine View Center is accessible. He said he is also doing short term leases on the Muncipal Way building with the hopes that something in either the Marine View building or the Sealaska building would come open because both of those facility are accessible.

He was asked about the long term plan of the CBJ. He said the plan is for a new civic center by Centennial Hall and Armory and put a 2nd floor on Centennial Hall and move all CBJ offices there. He said that is a very long range thought at this time. He said they want to keep the CBJ office in the downtown area.

Clark asked Gilbertson to write a letter to the ADA Committee outlining what he discussed tonight. It would provide the committee with written documentation.

B. Publicity Subcommittee Report - Conlon

Conlon reported that her goal is to get the web site up and running in the next month. Once she gets that up and running she will look at getting articles out to the local media. Conlon and Clark will work on articles and discuss with staff as needed before information is published.

C. Building Code Report- Dean

Members of the ADA Committee met with the Building Code Review Committee and for the most part it was a positive meeting. There will be two more opportunities for people to comment on the building code changes. Once with the Building Code Committee and once with the Assembly.

The ADA Committee needs to make sure we get plenty of people out to support having the ADA-AG incorporated into the Juneau Building Code.

D. Twin Lakes- Kiefer

At the last meeting the Committee requested money be taken from the School District CIP. Kiefer called the School District and they are currently working on an RFP to bid out the work. In light of this Kiefer recommended that next years CIP money allocation be revised. There is $30,000 set aside for curb cuts that she recommends be used for the dock.


Move the curb cut money to the Twin Lakes dock project and whatever is left over will revert back to the ADA Committee for curb cuts.

SECOND: Miller

ACTION: All in favor.

VII. Chair Report- Clark

Clark said he met with Donna Pierce to review the role of the committee to make sure we were heading in the right direction. As discussed above they talked about providing ADA training for CBJ employees, and ADA education for the Juneau population. Pierce said she is pleased with the work of the ADA Committee and that she will assist the committee wherever possible.

Clark has contacted Partners in Alaska to discuss strategies on working on the building code issues.

Clark introduced John Kern from Capital Transit. He will be taking over as the staff liaison to the ADA Committee in September. He has worked with the Committee on the Capital Transit plan and looks forward to working with the committee.

VIII. Agenda Items for Next Meeting

Next meeting will be on July 28, 1997 at 5 p.m. in room 211 of the Municipal Building.

IX. Adjournment

MOTION: Conlon

Move to adjourn.

SECOND: Miller

Meeting adjourned at 7:03 p.m.

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