City and Borough of  Juneau, Alaska
Assembly Packet
March 20, 2000

The packet for Monday nights meeting is attached here as an are Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files.
To read these, you will need to download the FREE Adobe Reader., if you don't already have this installed on your computer.  

Agenda/Manager's Report
Consent Agenda
    Ordinance 99-17(V) -- Airport Improvements
    Resolution 2017 -- Rules of Procedure
    Resolutions 2023 -- Municipal Entitlement Lands
    Resolutions 2025 -- Main Street Transit Center
    Resolution 2026 -- Convey CBJ Land for Habitat for Humanity
Transfer Requests
    T-685 -- Airport Improvements
    T686 -- Street Improvements
Bid Awards
    Front Street Improvements
Public Hearing
    Ordinance 2000-08 - Douglas Is. Land Conveyance to Mental Health Trust
        Ordinance 2000-08 -- Backup Information
        Ordinance 2000-08 -- Petition
    Ordinance 99-17(S) -- Centennial Hall Improvements
    Ordinance 99-17(T) -- Casey-Shattuck Historic Building Survey
    Ordinance 99-17(U) -- Historic Preservation Webpage
Mayor's Report
    Assembly Pending Items
    Fund Balance Sheet

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