Agenda/Manager's Report

City and Borough of  Juneau, Alaska
Assembly Packet
May 1, 2000

The packet for Monday nights meeting is attached here as an are Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files.
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Agenda/Manager's Report
Approval of Minutes
    4/3/00 - Regular Meeting No. 2000-07 - DRAFT
    4/17/00 - Regular Meeting No. 2000-07 - DRAFT
Consent Agenda
    Ordinances for Introduction  

(Note:  All but the first three ordinances to be introduced have been previously adopted but are reintroduced to meet notice requirements.  The titles for ordinances for readoption are italicized.)

        Ordinance No. 2000-18 -- Authorizing and Directing the Interim Reorganization of the Health and Social Services Dept.
        Ordinance No. 99-17 (Z) --Funding for Bulletproof Vest Purchase for JPD
        Ordinance No. 99-17 (AA) -- School Funding
            Ordinance No. 2000-14 -- Extend Liquor License Hours for Daylight Savings Time Adjustment
            Ordinance No. 2000-15 -- Repeal Sales Tax Exemption for Sales,Services, and Rentals - Governments
            Ordinance No. 2000-16 -- Repeal Business Regs for Pawnbrokers, Secondhand Dealers and Junk Shops
            Ordinance No. 2000-17 -- Reconvey/Convey Land - Crow Hill, Douglas,Sunny Point, 7 mile Glacier Highway
            Ordinance No. 99-17(AB) -- Appropriating Funds for New Police Station
            Ordinance No. 99-17 (AC) -- Transfer Funds from Unanticipated Reduction  in Employee Liability Charges.
            Ordinance No. 99-17 (AD) -- Centennial Hall Maintenance funds
            Ordinance No. 99-17(AE) -- Grant funds for Casey-Shattuck Historic Survey
            Ordinance No. 99-17 (AF) -- Grant funds for Historic Preservation Webpage
            Ordinance No. 99-17 (AG) -- Appropriating Funds for Airport Improvements
    Bid Awards
        Contract No. E00-128 -- Lena Loop Reservoir
        Contract No. E00-328 -- Centennial Hall Floor Covering
Public Hearing
        Ordinance No. 2000-09 -- Commercial Passenger Vehicle Code Amendments
        Ordinance No. 2000-10 -- Amending Election Code regarding Initiative Review
        Ordinance No. 2000-11 -- Appropriating Money from Treasury for FY01 CBJ Operations
        Ordinance No. 2000-12 -- Appropriating Money from Treasury for FY01 School Operations
        Ordinance No. 99-17(W) -- Flightseeing Noise Acoustic Study and Alternate Heliport Sites Study
        Ordinance No. 99-17(Y) -- Appropriating Additional Funding to Complete Bartlett Regional Hospital Project '98. 
New Business 
        Bridge v. Planning Commission:  Appeal of the Approval for Development of a Two-Story Retail Commercial Building (USE2000-0009) and Lot Area Variance of Lot 2 (VAR2000-00009).
Staff Reports
        Amendments to the Waterfront Sales Permit Regulations
        Adoption of Commercial Use of Docks and Harbors Department Lands and Facilities Regulations
        Assembly 2000 Goals Status Report
Mayor's Report
        Assembly Pending Items

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