City and Borough of Juneau, Alaska
Assembly Packet - Regular Meeting No. 2000-14
July 24, 2000, 7pm, Assembly Chambers
The packet for Monday night's meeting is attached here as Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files.
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Agenda/Manager's Report
Approval of Minutes
    DRAFT Minutes 06/19/00 Regular Assembly Meeting No. 2000-12
Consent Agenda
    Ordinances for Introduction 
        Ordinance No. 2000-11(E) -- Appropriate Funds for A Solid Waste Recycling Program
        Ordinance No. 2000-11(F) -- Appropriate Funds for Airport Capital Projects
        Fall Ballot Issue Memos
        Ordinance No. 2000-27 -- Authorize General Obligation Bonds for Ballot Placement
       Ordinance No. 2000-29 -- Authorize One Percent Sales Tax for Ballot Placement
        Ordinance No. 2000-30 -- Authorize Three Percent Sales Tax for Ballot Placement
        Resolution No. 2043 -- Request FY01 Safe Communities Funding from AK DCRA 
    Transfer Requests
        Transfer Request No. T-694 -- Port Funds to Comprehensive Waterfront Plan
    Bid Awards
        Contract No. E99-418 -- Norway Point Float
        Contract No. 00-416 -- Roadway Deicing Chemicals
        Contract No. 00-441 -- Urea Deicing Chemicals for Airport
Public Hearing
    Ordinance No. 2000-11(A) -- Appropriate Funds for Airport Runway Safety Areas and Environmental Work
    Ordinance No. 2000-11(B) -- Authorize Fund Transfer from Harbor Operations to Statter Harbor Improvements
    Ordinance No. 2000-11(C) -- Appropriate Funds for Delinquency Prevention
    Ordinance No. 2000-11(D) -- Appropriate Funds for Capitol Projects and Operational Support from Marine Passenger Fees
    Ordinance No. 2000-28 -- Amend Penal Code To Allow Discharge of Firearms within Mendenhall Wetlands Game Refuge
Unfinished Business     
    Resolution No. 2040(am) -- Authorize Donation of Surplus Dive Rescue & Recovery Equipment to Southeast Aquatic Safety, Inc.
Assembly Reports
        Assembly Pending Items
        Fund Balance Sheet

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