City and Borough of Juneau, Alaska
Assembly Packet - Regular Meeting No. 2000-16
August 21, 2000, 7pm, Assembly Chambers

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Agenda/Manager's Report

Approval of Minutes
DRAFT Minutes 8/7/2000 Regular Assembly Meeting No. 2000-16
DRAFT Minutes 8/25/2000 Special Assembly Meeting No. 2000-17

Consent Agenda

Ordinances for Introduction
Ordinance No. 2000-11(N) -- Appropriate Funds for Amalga Harbor Launch Ramp
Ordinance No. 2000-11(O) -- Appropriate Funds for Purchase of Land, Renovate Warehouse at Rock Dump
Ordinance No. 2000-11(P) -- De-Appropriate Funds from Manager's Budget for Voter Information Pamphlet
Ordinance No. 2000-11(Q) -- Appropriate Funds for Publication of Voter Information Pamplet

Resolution No. 2040(am) -- Authorize Manager to Donate Surplus Dive Rescue/Recovery Equipment to SEAS, Inc.
---Resolution No. 2040(am) Attachment--Memorandum of Understanding
Resolution No. 2052 -- Cancel Regular Assembly Meetings of Sept 18, 2000 and Sept. 17, 2001.
Resolution No. 2053 -- Reestablish Social Services Advisory Board, Diestablish Mental Health and Chemical Dependency Committees of the Board and Repeal Resolution No. 1768.
---Resolution No. 2053 Attachment -- SSAB Organizational Chart

Transfer Requests
Transfer Request No. T-696 -- Transfer Funds to Statter Harbor Parking and Pedestrian Improvement Project

Bid Awards
Contract E00-293 -- Statter Harbor Parking and Pedestrian Improvements, Phase II
Contract E00-010 -- Eaglecrest Maintenance Shop Building Shell and Foundation
Bid No. 01-046 - Track Type Oversnow Vehicle for Eaglecrest Ski Area

Public Hearing
Ordinance No. 2000-36 -- Amend Business Code to Improve Administration of Keg Sales of Alcoholic Beverages
Ordinance No. 2000-11(G) -- Appropriate Funds for Museum Grant - Photo Documentation Project
Ordinance No. 2000-11(K) -- Appropriate Funds for Lena Loop Reservoir
Ordinance No. 2000-11(L) -- Appropriate Funds for Construction Phase I Wastewater Collection - North Douglas
Ordinance No. 2000-11(M) -- Appropriate Funds for Construction Phase I Airport Runway Safety and E.I.S.

Staff Reports
2001 Assembly Schedule
2001 CBJ Holiday Schedule
Fund Balance Sheet

Assembly/Committee Pending Items

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