City and Borough of Juneau, Alaska
Assembly Packet - Regular Meeting No. 2000-19
October 2, 2000, 7pm, Assembly Chambers

The packet for Monday night's meeting is attached here as Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files.
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Agenda/Manager's Report

Approval of Minutes
DRAFT Minutes 9/11/2000 Regular Assembly Meeting No. 2000-18

Consent Agenda

Ordinances for Introduction
Ordinance No. 2000-38 -- Amending Land Use Code Relating to Fes for Services by the Community Development Dept
Ordinance No. 2000-39 -- Amending Land Use Code w/respect to Minimum Distance Between Mobile Homes
Ordinance No. 2000-11(T) -- Appropriating Funds for Fuel Tank and Fuel for Fire Training Center

Resolution No. 2054 -- Establishing the Friends of the Flag Committee
Resolution No. 2055 -- Amending the Personnel Rules to Limit Grievance and Appeal Procedures to Permanent Employees

Public Hearing

Ordinance No. 2000-37 -- Creating Local Improvement District No. 86 of CBJ for North Douglas/Bonnie Brae Sewer  
Backup Documents:

Ordinance No. 2000-11(N) -- Appropriate Funds for Amalga Harbor Launch Ramp
Ordinance No. 2000-11(O) -- Appropriate Funds for Purchase of Land, Renovate Warehouse at Rock Dump
Ordinance No. 2000-11(P) -- De-Appropriate Funds from Manager's Budget for Voter Information Pamphlet
Ordinance No. 2000-11(Q) -- Appropriate Funds for Publication of Voter Information Pamplet

Unfinished Business
GLT v. CBJ Planning Commission - Draft Findings and Objections to Draft Findings

Staff Reports
Fund Balance Sheet

Assembly Reports
Assembly Committee Pending Item

Executive Session (note: the assemblly may enter into executive session for the following items)
Union Contract Negotiations
Ongoing Litigation

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