City and Borough of Juneau, Alaska
Assembly Packet - Regular Meeting No. 2000-22
November 20, 2000, 7pm, Assembly Chambers

The packet for Monday night's meeting is attached here as Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files.
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Agenda/Manager's Report

Special Orders of Business
Vladivostok Delegates
Letter to Vladivostok from Mayor Sally Smith

Stanley Zhang report on trip to Mishan City, China

Approval of Minutes
DRAFT Minutes 11/6/2000 Regular Assembly Meeting No. 2000-21

Consent Agenda

Ordinances for Introduction
Ordinance No. 2000-47 -- Amend Animal Control Ordinance regarding Barking Dogs in Industrial Zone with a USE Permit.
Ordinance No. 2000-11(Y) -- Appropriate Museum Assessment Grant Funds
Ordinance No. 2000-11(Z) -- Appropriate Riverside Drive Corridor Planning Funds

Resolution No. 2056 -- Disestablishing Waste Management Committee
Resolution No. 2060 -- Jualpa Mine Camp Stabilization Fund Application
Resolution No. 2061 -- Tlingit Place Name Signage Grant Application

Transfer Requests
TR-698 -- Lena Point Reservoir Funds to Highlands Reconstruction II Project

Bid Awards
Bid No. E01-088 -- Bartlett Regional Hospital Food Service Modifications

Bid No. E00-108 -- Lemon Creek Gravel Pit Contaminated Soil Removal and Disposal

Public Hearing
Ordinance No. 2000-44 (am)-- Repeal/Reenact Code Regarding Disturbing the Peace - loud car stereos and fees for repeated responses by JPD regarding Disturbing the Peace
Ordinance No. 2000-45 -- Noncode Ordinance for Dorothy Tow for Structure in Severe Avalanche Hazard Area
Ordinance No. 2000-46 -- Amend Land Use code to allow major utility facilities in Mixed Use Zones
Ordinance No. 2000-11(X) -- CBJ Purchase of Warehouse located at the Rock Dump

New Business
Field v. Planning Commission: Apeal of Approval of Conditional Use Permit for the Operation of a Portable Asphalt Plant in the Lower West Mendenhall Valley (USE2000-00060)
Malick v. Planning Commission: Appeal of the Denial of a Conditional Use Permit for the Development of a Commercial Resort Facility (USE2000-00040)
Gastineau Land Trust v. Planning Commission and Landvik: Deferred Consideration of Appellant's Second Motion for Reconsideration
Additional attachment for Gastineau Land Trust v. Planning Commission

Staff Reports
Fund Balance Sheet

Assembly Reports
Lands Committee - Spaulding Meadows Winter Access
Assembly Committee Pending Items

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