CBJManager's Reports--May, 1995

TO: Mayor and Assembly DATE: May 1, 1995

FROM: David R. Palmer

City and Borough Manager

SUBJECT: Manager's Report - Regular Mtg. No. 95-17


1. Special recognition will be given to CBJ employees who have completed 20 years of service this past year.


A. Ordinances for Introduction:

1. Ordinance No. 95-15

Ordinance No. 95-15 authorizes the negotiated sale of a small, landlocked parcel of tidelands in the vicinity of the Juneau-Douglas Bridge to the Trucano Family Partnership. The Trucano Family Partnership and predecessor, Joe Trucano, have leased the property from the CBJ since 1973 for a freight business and equipment storage yard. The parcel is not contiguous to any other CBJ property. Its isolation and the lack of CBJ access to the property limits its usefulness to the CBJ.

Both the Assembly Lands Committee and the Planning Commission have reviewed the proposed sale and recommended approval.

I recommend this ordinance be set for public hearing at the next regular meeting of the Assembly.

2. Ordinance No. 95-16

This ordinance places Capital Transit under the Public Works Department. Capital Transit was assigned to the Engineering Department a couple of years ago but its operations are more closely aligned with the Public Works Department. The Assembly must approve this reassignment because Charter §5.2(a) requires that an ordinance be used to "establish, alter or abolish any municipal department."

I recommend that this ordinance be introduced and set for public hearing at the next regular meeting.

3. Ordinance No. 94-17 (AX)

This ordinance would appropriate $20,000 from the Hotel Tax fund balance as a loan to the Alaska Committee for the purpose of promotional expenses for an October, 1995 Alaska Communication Technology conference to be held at Centennial Hall Convention Center. The Alaska Committee will repay these funds from conference proceeds.

We are projecting that $36,000 will be remaining in the Hotel Tax fund balance at the end of FY95.

I recommend that this ordinance be introduced and set for public hearing at the next regular meeting.

B. Bid Awards:

1. Contract No. E95-184: Salmon Creek Disinfection Improvements

Bids were opened on March 9, 1995. A bid protest was delivered to the CBJ Purchasing Division by McGraw Custom Construction. Resolution of the protest occurred April 18, 1995 with McClure & Sons selected as the responsive bidder.

The CBJ has elected to award Alternate Bid B due to funding participation by Echo Bay Alaska. Echo Bay Alaska will contribute approximately $490,000 toward construction and inspection of this project in order to comply with Condition No. 129 of the A-J Large Mine Permit. Alternate Bid B consists of a 2.3-million gallon, insulated, welded steel, chlorine contact reservoir with internal baffles; site work; piping and connection to the existing water system; modification to the existing Water Control building; construction of a new 1,188 square foot CMU Treatment building for adding soda ash to the Salmon Creek source water supply.

The following order of bidders is based upon Alternate Bid B. Alternate Bid A bid amounts are listed for information only.

RESPONSIVE Alt. Bid B Alt. Bid A

McClure & Sons, Inc. 2,387,134 2,209,432

McGraw Custom Construction 2,411,667 2,172,092

Coogan Construction Company 2,499,000 2,360,000

Glacier Steel Buildings 2,607,980 2,230,400

Rockford Corporation 2,617,000 2,324,000

Alaska Mechanical, Inc. 2,627,000 2,347,000

Dawson Construction 2,689,000 2,415,300

Secon Inc./Red Samm 2,796,000 2,519,000

Arete Construction Corporation 3,213,000 2,987,000

MKB Constructors 3,460,629 3,209,502

Engineer's Estimate 3,490,000 2,960,000

Alternate Bid A consists of a 1.73-million gallon, insulated, welded steel, chlorine contact reservoir with internal baffles; site work; piping and connection to the existing water system; modification to the existing Water Control building; construction of a new 1,100 square foot CMU Treatment building for adding soda ash to the Salmon Creek source water supply.

Completion time for construction will be changed to reflect the time spent to resolve the bid protest.

I recommend award of Alternate Bid B for this project to McClure & Sons, Inc. for a total award of $2,387,134.

The next three items (Items 2, 3, and 4) replace existing equipment in compliance with the Fleet Management Plan.

2. Bid No. 95-280: One 6 x 4 Diesel Truck with 18 yard Sludge Box

Bids were opened on the subject project on March 31, 1995 with the following results:


Trailer Craft, Inc. $124,486.00

Two other known potential bidders that could meet the City's specifications are:

1. Nelson Truck - located in Seattle, WA

2. Galbreth, Inc. - located in Winamac, IN

Jeff Struthers of Nelson Truck, an independent outfitter, chose not to bid because he could not find a truck chassis that was competitive with General Motors, his competitor.

Earl Henry of Galbreth, Inc., chose not to bid because his truck and sludge boxes are considerably larger than what the city specified, so he felt his bid would not be competitive.

I recommend award to Trailer Craft, Inc. on the basis of having the lowest responsive price.

3. Bid No. 95-294: One Hi-Cube Camera Van and Accessories

Bids were opened on the subject project on April 7, 1995 with the following results:


Cues, Inc. $96,995 $1,100 No Bid -$10,000

Buchen SIS, Inc. $98,675 No Bid No Bid No Bid

Aries Industrial $109,924 $1,050 No Bid No Bid

Cyclops Electronics $117,131 No Bid No Bid No Bid

Pacific Utility Equip. $163,170 $1,150 No Bid No Bid

Alternate #1 = 5 year 75,000 mile extended warranty

Alternate #2 = vehicle preventative maintenance program

Alternate #3 = trade-in option on CBJ owned 1979 GMC Step Van

I recommend award to the responsive low bidder, Cues, Inc. for $96,995, plus the warranty (Alternate #1) and Alternate #3 (the trade in) for a total award of $88,095.

4. Bid No. 95-305: One Rubber-Tired Loader Backhoe


Yukon Equipment $59,839 -$8,500 $51,339

N.C. Machinery $61,789 -$7,500 $54,289

Construction Machinery Non-Responsive

I recommend award to Yukon Equipment on the basis of having the lowest responsive total bid price.

C. Card Room Licenses:

1. Triangle Club, Inc.

Joseph J. Thomas, dba Triangle Club, Inc., has applied for the renewal of a cardroom license, located at 251 Front Street, Juneau. The Treasurer has no objection to the renewal of the license.

I recommend that the cardroom license for the Triangle Club, Inc. be renewed.

D. Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity:

1. Alaska Native Tours

Juneau Tlingit and Haida Community Council, dba Alaska Native Tours, has applied for a certificate of public convenience and necessity for for-hire vehicles for 5 vehicles for a sightseeing operation.

According to CBJ 20.40.050 , the Assembly after holding a public hearing must find that the applicant "is fit, willing, and able to perform such public transportation and is willing to conform to the provisions of this chapter." In making the findings, "the Assembly shall take into consideration the character, experience and responsibility of the applicant, and the public health, safety and welfare."

I recommend that the certificate of public convenience and necessity be granted to Juneau Tlingit and Haida Community Council, dba Alaska Native Tours, for 5 vehicles for a sightseeing operation.


1. Ordinance No. 95-14

Ordinance No. 95-14 authorizes the manager to commence negotiations to sell CBJ property located on the north side of Douglas Island to Waterfront Park Hotel Corporation for purposes of constructing a golf course and related residential development.

The proposed sale and classification action were reviewed by the Planning Commission at its meeting April 11, 1995. At that meeting the Planning Commission classified the CBJ land to accommodate a golf course and residential development. The Planning Commission also recommended the Assembly approve the sale of up to 545 acres of land subject to terms and conditions which have been incorporated into Ordinance No. 95-14:

A summary of the conditions:

a. Layout, environmental design and the Environmental Management Plan shall be approved by Planning Commission and the Assembly.

b. The CBJ shall retain ownership, or control the valuable wetland areas along Peterson Creek.

c. The sale shall only take place after the economic feasibility and financing of the project has been demonstrated.

d. No work (including logging) shall take place until all federal, state, and CBJ permits needed for construction, including the Conditional Use Permit, have been issued.

e. The price of land and timber shall be determined by appraisal. Full payment shall be received at closing.

f. The land to be developed may not be converted to other uses, except that compatible winter uses which have been identified in the Conditional Use Permit may occur on the property.

g. Programs for local users shall be established including the establishment of youth programs and preferential green fees for local residents.

h. The CBJ shall have the option to repurchase the land if the golf course is not developed or fails at some future date.

Additional conditions may be added as more information is gathered. The applicant must return to the Planning Commission to secure a Conditional Use Permit. After negotiations are completed, the issue then comes back to the Assembly for approval of the final terms and conditions of the sale.

An Economic Impact Statement will be prepared once negotiations are completed.

I recommend that this ordinance be adopted.

2. Ordinance No. 94-17 (AQ)

This project will replace the aging and unreliable runway lights . We have experienced lighting failures and the need for emergency repairs.

A grant from the Federal Aviation Administration will fund 93.75%, or $816,644 of the total appropriation of $843,866, with the remaining 6.25% funded by the State of Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities and municipal grants, each at 3.125%.

Due to a bid protest, I recommend that this ordinance be deferred to May 15, 1995.

3. Ordinance No. 94-17 (AR)

The Alaska Division of Emergency Services has funded a $6,800 grant to the City and Borough of Juneau for the Capital City Emergency Planning Committee. The funding will be used for committee secretarial support and for library resource materials.

I recommend that this ordinance be adopted.

4. Ordinance No. 94-17 (AS)

This project will bring water and sewer improvements to Greenwood Subdivision, off Wire Street near Salmon Creek. The water system would be funded 100% by the Water Extension Fund. The sewer collection system would be constructed as a Local Improvement District with 50% of the cost of the improvements borne by the LID participants, and 50% by the Sewer Extension Fund. This project was reviewed and approved by the Public Works & Facilities Committee at its April 5, 1995 meeting; these minutes are included in your packet.

After this ordinance is adopted, the Sewer Extension Fund Balance will be $9,600; the Water Extension Fund Balance will be $1,464,500.

I recommend that this ordinance be adopted.

5. Ordinance No. 94-17 (AT)

In FY84 the CBJ received Grant No. HB-961 for School District maintenance projects in the amount of $2,250,000, from the Alaska Department of Education. The grant was fully expended in FY90, and as required by the grant agreement, audited by an independent auditor in FY93. One of the requirements of the grant agreement is that interest earned on advance funds shall be held to either pay for cost overruns on the project or in a capital reserve for School District projects.

The audit determined that interest in the amount of $38,204 was earned on advance grant funds. The amount was transferred into a reserve account. The audit has now been finalized and these funds (appropriation of $38,204) need to be appropriated and made available for School District use.

I recommend that this ordinance be adopted.

6. Ordinance No. 94-17 (AU)

This ordinance appropriates $45,000 of State funds to the CBJ for regional psychiatric services planning. Funding was awarded through the State Department of Health & Social Services in response to a joint grant application submitted by the CBJ Health & Social Services Department and Bartlett Memorial Hospital.

The funds will be used to study the need for and design of publicly funded inpatient mental health facilities in Southeast Alaska. All communities in Southeast Alaska will be involved in this planning process, which will be facilitated by a consultant. The end result of this process should be a recommendation of what and where inpatient facilities are needed in SE Alaska.

I appreciate the cooperation shown by both CBJ Health & Social Services Department and Bartlett Memorial Hospital for this project. I recommend that this ordinance be adopted.

7. Ordinance No. 94-17 (AV)

This appropriation of $35,000 in unanticipated revenues is from waterfront vending permits. A portion of this money will be used for additional costs not originally anticipated for the FY95 budget and the remainder will be unused. A portion of this appropriation ($19,300) will be used as follows:

$4,000 permit auction

$5,000 new and replacement benches at Marine Park

$2,000 architectural drawings for Prototype Vendor booths

$5,000 sign orienting visitors to downtown Juneau attractions/trails

$3,300 weekend waterfront maintenance/enforcement.

The remaining funds ($15,700) will be used for pedestrian related safety improvements at Marine Park (bollards, etc.). The Assembly Finance Committee approved this request at its March 29, 1995 meeting.

I recommend that this ordinance be adopted.

8. Ordinance No. 94-17 (AW)

This appropriation request of $1,500 is from the State Department of Natural Resources and is to be used for Arbor Day projects. The Parks and Recreation Department and Jensen-Douglas Architects, Inc. are co-sponsoring a community-wide Arbor Day Celebration. The funds will cover the supply costs for a variety of community activities including tree dressing and a fun run.

I recommend that this ordinance be adopted.


1. Draft Findings in West Valley Neighborhood Association River Road Trail Terminus Appeal (SP-08-94)

On March 13, the Assembly sitting in its quasijudicial capacity, heard the River Road trail terminus appeal, which concerned a Planning Commission review of a state project to construct a 14-space parking lot and trail terminus at the end of River Road. At the conclusion of oral argument, the Assembly announced its findings, voted to deny the appeal, and found reason to supplement the decision of the Planning Commission, and directed the Attorney to draft a proposed decision in accord with the findings as supplemented.

On April 13 the draft findings and order were completed and circulated to the parties for comment as required by CBJ 01.50.140(b)(3). Comments were due no later than April 20: none were received. The Assembly may adopt, amend, or reject the proposed decision.

As this is an adjudicatory matter, I have no recommendation.

2. Allocation of Art Funds

Since 1985, the city has set aside 1% of local funding for capital improvements to commission or purchase art. The stained glass window at the downtown library, and the totem poles at Dzantik'i Heeni Middle School are examples of public art acquired in this way. The ordinance also allows for 1% monies to be set aside from projects where art is not feasible as part of the facility in an "arts fund". $20,000 is available under this provision of the ordinance. The Assembly can choose to use those funds for an "art in public places" project. The city has not had occasion to allocate funds for such a project, however, there is now considerable interest in providing artwork, probably a totem pole, at the top of Seward Street, in the location formerly occupied by the "frog totem". That totem was relocated to the City Museum last year.

Under the ordinance, a committee is appointed to commission the artwork. Two members are appointed by the Arts and Humanities Council, two by the Assembly, one by the Manager, and one is a staff member representing the department, in this case Parks and Recreation. Past committees have usually solicited competitive proposals, however, artwork acquired under this ordinance is specifically exempted by the purchasing code from the competitive proposal requirement.

If the Assembly agrees to pursue the art project, I recommend the Assembly appoint two members and that the manager be directed to convene a meeting of the committee to commission the artwork.



A. Manager's Report - Action Items:

B. Manager's Report - Information Items:

1. E911 System Status Report

As of February 24th, all equipment for the Enhanced 911 System has been installed. Dispatcher training occurred on February 27-28th. The contractor, PTI, has fallen behind schedule in completing the ancillary features of the system. Without a fully functional system, the 30 day "Hot Test" period has been delayed. The CBJ is awaiting a certification from PTI asserting that all functions of the system are ready for initiation of the Hot Test.

The E911 Technical Consultant, Public Safety Associates, reviewed the installed system on April 19-20th. A punch list was developed and delivered to PTI. The consultant stated that the installed system is ready to begin the Hot Test, as soon as a few features are completed.

Primary on the punch list is the completion of the "intercom" function. This feature allows dispatchers to transfer calls to another dispatch station, monitor another dispatcher's call, or talk between dispatchers. PTI stated that the intercom functions, and other requested features, will be operational by April 26th. At the successful completion of the 711 "Hot Test", the 911 number will be transferred ("Cutover") to the new system. The E911 system should be operational by June 1, 1995.

2. First Quarter Report: January - March, 1995

C. Attorney's Report:

1. October 3 Election Deadlines for Ballot Propositions and Candidate Filing

2. Law Department First Quarter Report: January - March 1995

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