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Capital City Fire/Rescue

Smoldering flower pot

Neighbor and building responsible stops potential fire. On July 2nd 2017 at 08:30 pm CCFR responded to a possible fire on a 3rd floor deck condo unit at Spaulding Beach Condo. A 2nd Floor neighbor was outside and noticed smoke coming from the 3rd floor deck flower box that was attached to the railing. He called 911 and the condo building maintenance person. Both men put a ladder up to the 3rd floor deck and proceed to extinguish the smoldering wooden flower box. CCFR arrived on scene to continue to wet down the smoldering material and removed the flower box. There were scorch marks on the wooden railings. It appears that a cigarette was placed in the dry planting material and caused it to smolder. Because of the quick actions of the 2 men, they helped prevent a potential disaster from occurring. Fire Safety reminder. Do not use flower pots as cigarette ash trays. Sometimes the planting materials dry up and the cigarette ash can smolder for hours and may eventually cause a fire. Most often the flower pots are next to the house. The smoldering flower pot can become a house fire in matter of minutes or hours. Assistant Chief Ed Quinto

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