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This is the website for the City & Borough of Juneau review of the proposed Kensington Mine Project. This website is provided by the CBJ Community Development Department which is coordinating the CBJ review of the Kensington project.

The proposed Kensington gold mine is located within the City & Borough of Juneau, 45 miles north of downtown Juneau. Coeur Alaska, Inc. has submitted an application for a Large Mine Permit under CBJ Code 49.65.130. The CBJ Planning Commission will be conducting a review of the Kensington mine project during the next few months.

From this website you can view or download copies of the CBJ Mining Ordinance and CBJ staff analyses, recommendations and findings prepared for the Planning Commission.

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I.   Introduction

II.  Recommended Findings

III. Recommendation and Permit Conditions

IV. Project Description

V.  Staff Analysis

VI.  Reclamation and Financial Warranty

VII. Socioeconomic Impact Mitigation

VIII. References


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