Monday, February 11, 2002 - 6:00 p.m. 
Municipal Building - Assembly Chambers

I. Call To Order 

II. Approval Of Minutes
A. January 28, 2002

III. Resolution 2139 - Ad Hoc Capital Transit Advisory Committee

IV. Liquor Licenses 
    Beverage Dispensary - Tourism
        Alaskan Hotel & Bar - License #1378

    Package Store
        Alaska Cache Liquor - License #0271
        Fred Meyer - License #2066
        Lilypen Enterprises Inc. d/b/a DeHarts - License #300

    Restaurant Eating Place
        The Broiler- License #0851

V. Card-room Licenses
    A. Triangle Club

VI. Appointments To Boards, Committees And Commissions
A. Fisheries Development Committee
        B. Juneau Energy Advisory Committee
        C. Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee

VII. Annual Reports of Boards, Committees And Commissions
        A. Airport Board
        B. Bartlett Regional Hospital Board of Directors
        C. Bidding Review Board
        D. Building Code Board of Appeals
        E. Historic Resources Advisory Committee
        F. Juneau Commission on Aging
        G. Juneau Energy Advisory Committee
        H. Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee
        I. Planning Commission - Attendance Record
        J. Sales Tax Board of Appeals
        K. Social Services Advisory Board
        L. Wetlands Review Board

VIII. Other Items
A. Procedures for Assembly Standing Committees