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Juneau, Alaska 99801
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Engineering Department

North Douglas Sewer, Phase V, LID 91

Project Number: E11-147Project Manager: Joe Castillo
Completion Date: August 30, 2012Project Manager Telephone: 907-586-0875
Contract Amount: $1,627,416Project Manager Email:
Admiralty Construction Inc.
Project Location Map: No map posted.
Project Images: No images posted.
This project consists of installing three separate sanitary sewer gravity collection systems along the uphill side of North Douglas Highway between house numbers 4355 and 5795 to include two highway borings and connections to existing beachfront sewer systems, 8-inch sewer mains, sanitary sewer manholes and access pads, sewer service laterals, construction surveying, clearing and grubbing guardrail, street signs, remove and replace mailboxes, remove and replace storm sewer conduits, asphalt pavement, asphalt treated base, striping, hydroseeding, and other miscellaneous work.


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