City and Borough of Juneau
155 S. Seward Street
Juneau, Alaska 99801
tel. 907-586-5240
fax 907-586-5385

Planning Commission

Documents for Regular Meeting on March 25, 2014

Supporting Documents

  • AAP2014 0001
    A Conditional use permit application for an accessory apartment on a substandard sized lot in a D-1 zone, not served by city sewer.
  • AME2014 0002
    An Application to Rezone Lots 1 and 1A of Block 46 on Dock Street in downtown Douglas from Waterfront Industrial to D-18.
  • USE2014 0004
    A Conditional Use Permit for Brotherhood Bridge replacement project staging area on Clinton Dr.
  • AME2013 0010
    Zone Change Request from D18 to Light Commercial for USS1284 Lot A1 & Lot C1.
  • AME2014 0003
    Rezone of land in the Pederson Hill area from D1(T)D5 to a mix of D10 & D10SF.
  • SMP2014 0001
    Preliminary Plat approval for a Major Subdivision of three lots to nine lots at the southeast corner of Sherwood Lane and Glacier Highway.
  • VAR2014 0002
    A Variance request to replace and extend existing deck to property line.

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