City and Borough of Juneau, 155 South Seward Street, Juneau, Alaska 99801

Attachments for USE2007-00038 Staff Report for the February 26, 2008 Hearing

Attachment    A     Initial Application

Attachment    B    Lower Fish Creek Rock Quarry CU & CSP permits

Attachment    C    U.S. Forestry Service Record of Decision

Attachment    D    Letter from Peter Griffin, USFS District Ranger

Attachment    E   1st Neighborhood Meeting Information

Attachment    F   2nd Neighborhood Meeting Information

Attachment    G   Copy of CDD E-mail Requesting Additional Information

Attachment    H   Supplementary Application Materials

Attachment    I     3rd Neighborhood Meeting Information

Attachment    J   Public Comment Information

Attachment    K    Juneau Wetland Management Maps

Attachment    L   Wetland Review Board Packet & Draft Minutes

Attachment    M    Alaska Depart. of Transportation - Juneau Areawide Traffic Maps

Attachment    N    E-mail from Mr. Fred Thorsteinson, ADOT Engineering Associate

Attachment    O   Blueberry Hill Access Trail & Parking Lot CSP permit

Attachment    P   Fish Creek Road Corridor Map

Attachment    Q     State of Washington’s ORV Sound Study

Attachment    R    Citizen Safety and Ordinance Information

Attachment    S   E-mail from Robin Potter, CBJ Assessor

Attachment    T   1995 Comprehensive Plan Subarea 9B Map

Attachment    U    Agency Review Comments



IMAGE-City and Borough of Juneau