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Additional Public Testimony for USE2007-00038

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Revised Draft Wetland Review Board Minutes 02/26/08

Noise Management and Sound Testing   dated 1992

Sound Levels of Five Motorcycles Traveling Over Forest Trails   dated March 1993

Noise Investigations including measures at Echo Cove and simulations at our property
                 using chainsaws    dated August 2007

David Audet 07/07/07

Art Peterson 02/21/08

Robin Potter 02/21/08

Ronald J. Berg 02/22/08

Cinda Stanek 02/24/08

Scott Kelley 02/24/08

Rebecca and Neil Nesheim 02/24/08

Anne Fuller 02/25/08 10:03PM

Anne Fuller 02/25/08 10:06PM

Bruce and Mary Jane Tenney 2/25/08

Nadine Trucano 02/25/05

Mike and Judy Plotnick 02/25/08

Robert Banghart 02/26/08

Kaja Brix 02/26/08

Benjamin L. Carney 02/26/08

Gregory F. Cook  02/26/08

Robert and Barbara Mecum 02/26/08

Pauline Plumb 02/26/08

Rough Riders of AK, Inc. 02/26/08

Noise Effects, Measures, Standards, and Predictors   submitted 02/26/08

Ohio State University Fact Sheet, on Noise   submitted 02/26/08

Noise Managemnt Plan for Lemon Creek Quarry   submitted 02/26/08

Shredded Wetlands All-Terrain Vehicle Management in Alaska   submitted 02/26/08

Laura Lucas 02/26/08

Raymond Howard 02/26/08

Karen T. Wells 02/26/08

Joan M. Wilkerson 02/26/08

Scott Spickler 02/26/08

Debbie Lowenthal 02/26/08

Ben Carney 02/26/08

N. Douglas Neighborhood Association 022608

Pamela Eberhardt 02/26/08

Vance A. Sanders 02/26/08

Reuben Willis  02/27/08

Proposed OHV Park - Fish Creek Quarry PPT 02/26/08

Kent Sullivan 02/27/08

Nathan P. Peimann 02/28/08

Vance A. Sandars 02/28/08

Ronald Berg 02/29/08

Sandi Shaw 02/29/08

Nick Bongiovanni 03/03/08

Dan McCrummen  03/05/08

Mary Sweeney 03/05/08

Michael Eberhardt 03/06/08

Mark S. Johhnson 03/06/08

Debbie Lowenthal 03/06/08 with 2 CPSC Attachments

Becky Iverson 03/06/08



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