City and Borough of Juneau, 155 South Seward Street, Juneau, Alaska 99801

Cascade Point Barge Conditional Use

USE2008-00016             A Conditional Use permit to construct a general                                            purpose barge ramp and upland staging area at                                               Cascade Point.
                                              Location:        44000 Glacier Hwy
                                              Applicant:       Murray Walsh

Staff Report

Attachment 1          Development Permit Application form
Attachment 2          Conditional Use Application form
Attachment 3          Vicinity Map
Attachment 4          Conditional Use Permit Application Project Narrative and site plan  
Attachment 5          Alaska Coastal Management Program Project Narrative 4/14/08
Attachment 6          Corps of Engineers (COE) Permit Application 2/4/08
Attachment 7          Applicant Essential Fish Habitat Assessment  4/10/08
Attachment 8          Applicant Biological Assessment and Evaluation March 2008
Attachment 9          Email message from Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADFG) 
Attachment 10        Wetland Review Board DRAFT Meeting Minutes 4/24/08
Attachment 11        Email message from ADFG 5/2/08
Attachment 12        Email message from ADFG 5/3/08
Attachment 13        USE2004-00042 Goldbelt Dock Notice of Decision 10/15/04
Attachment 14        Public Comment letter 4/30/08
Attachment 15        Letter from National Marine Fisheries Service to Corps of Engineers,
Attachment 16        Letter from Southeast Alaska Conservation Council to COE, 3/5/08
Attachment 17        Letter from U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to Corps of Engineers,
Attachment 18        Applicant response to letters to Corp 4/21/08'


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